The air conditioner in your car sure is nice when the summer sun is sweltering hot, but the thing is, cars are never as reliable as drivers would like them to be and sometimes, you very well could find yourself stranded in the middle of summer. It is good to know that towing services are always just a phone call away, but while you wait for them to arrive, you should be conscious of the excessive heat you could be exposed to inside of your vehicle. There are a few simple solutions you should keep in mind if you are ever stranded in the summer heat in your vehicle.

Stay Hydrated by Continuously Drinking Water

Part of being a well-prepared driver in the summer is making sure that you have at least a few bottles of water on hand in your vehicle for a just-in-case situation. This small amount of water will be your saving grace if you are stuck in your car for very long on a hot day. Continuously keep yourself hydrated with water by sipping on what you have available.

Keep the Vehicle Ventilated

In most situations as a stranded motorist, you would want to keep your doors and windows closed, but in the summer heat, it is crucial to allow air into the car for ventilation. On a day when the temperature outside is around 90 degrees, the heat inside of a car can easily rise to 120 degrees in a matter of 20 minutes or less without ventilation. This scorching heat can be a major threat to you while you are stranded. Roll down the windows, open the doors (if it is safe to do so), and get out of the car if necessary to prevent heat exhaustion.

While you may be tempted to run the AC to stay cool, this can actually backfire and cause hot air to blow out of your vents! When a car is parked and idling (or if you don't have a lot of refrigerant), your vehicle may seize up and overheat because it has to produce enough rpm's to turn the AC's compressor.

If All Else Fails, Leave Your Vehicle

The last thing you may want to do is leave your unattended vehicle on the side of the road after a breakdown, but if it is way too hot to stand, it is best to just lock up your car and try to get a ride from either a taxi or someone you know. This is especially true if you are traveling with pets or someone who is sensitive to heat, such as an elderly individual or a child. Let the towing service know that you have to abandon your car due to the heat and make arrangements to meet them at the car when they arrive if necessary.

Any time you find yourself stranded it can be a worrisome situation, but in the summer when the weather is hot, it can be even more dangerous. Be sure to talk to the towing service dispatcher about what you can do to stay safe when you place a call for help.