If you want to sell your used car for more money, learn how to remove small dents from the hood and touch up the paint job so that damage is no longer apparent. A few, inexpensive materials are needed to complete the repairs. 

Use The Following Items

  • handheld plunger
  • hairdryer
  • compressed air
  • sponge
  • soapy water
  • sandpaper (low and high grit)
  • hand sander
  • primer
  • thin paintbrush
  • touch up paint
  • rubbing compound
  • cloths

Remove The Dents

Small dents can be removed by using a handheld plunger. Place the plunger directly over the damaged spots and press down firmly. After the plunger is attached to the hood, pull it towards yourself with both hands. Do this a few times until the dents are no longer visible.

You can also use a hairdryer and a can of compressed air to remove dents. First, heat up the damaged spots with a hair dryer that is set to high. Hold it directly over the surface for a couple minutes. Finish by spraying compressed air onto the dented spots. The combination of heat and cold air will help the dented areas to contract, pushing them back into their original shape.

Sand And Prime

Sand the areas that contain chipped paint. Start with low grit paper. Once the surface feels smooth, finish up with high grit paper. Clean the sanded sections with soapy water and a sponge. Once the surface is dry, add primer. Use a thin paintbrush and apply a small amount. If you add too much or if the surface appears to be uneven, wipe the primer away with a dry cloth. After the spots are filled in, wait a couple hours for them to dry.

Add Paint And Rubbing Compound

Apply a thin coat of touch up paint over the areas that were primed. Once the paint has dried, add an additional coat if the color needs to be darker so that it matches the rest of the body. Once the second coat has dried, apply a small amount of rubbing compound to a cloth. Wipe this material over the freshly painted spots. The compound will help blend the new paint with the original paint. It is a paste that contains an abrasive.

Rub the compound back and forth until the edges of the new paint are no longer visible. Wipe off the compound with a clean cloth. Now, you will feel more confident if you decide to ask for more money when you place your car for sale. The damage will no longer be visible and more people may consider purchasing your vehicle. Contact a company like Auto Body By Duie LLC for more information.