There is no specific time on when you should have your brakes serviced or replaced as it all depends on your type of daily commute. Those who drive more in the city are more likely to deal with brake issues on a routine basis as they are utilizing their braking system far more than someone driving on the freeway. So, if you don't know when you should have your brakes serviced, then you will want to be sure that you look for indicators, like the following:

Rattling or Shaking When Braking:

If your rotors are warped, it is likely that your steering wheel will rattle when you brake and your car can even begin shaking. If this is the case, you will want to have them resurfaced or replaced as soon as possible to help keep your brake issues to a minimum. Knowing this sign will allow you to use your best judgment so you can obtain repairs sooner, rather than later, and have your rotors corrected.

Grinding Noises:

In most cases, you will likely experience some noises coming from your brake system. These noises can be a sign that your brake pads are in very poor condition. This can be an easy sign to look for as when your brakes get very low, there is an indicator stick that becomes exposed and this stick will come in contact with the metal rotors, causing a grinding noise. So, if you hear any noises coming from your brake system, be sure to have a mechanic check the levels of your pads so you can have them replaced if needed.

Poor or Delayed Responsiveness:

Another easy sign that can inform you of your brakes' condition is whether or not your brake pedal is responsive. If your brake pedal feels spongy or if your brakes hesitate to respond to your braking command, then this could be a sign that your brake fluid is old and dirty, and it may contain air bubbles. If you notice this, be sure to have a mechanic flush out your old fluid so that he or she can install and bleed new brake fluid. This will help improve the responsiveness of your pedal, making it easier and safer to brake.

Knowing these three indicators can be a very helpful way to determine whether or not your brake system is in need of repairs. So, if you aren't too sure on when to take your car to a brake repair shop, be sure to take advantage of these tips as they can help you know when to obtain brake repairs so you can avoid costly and major brake damages.