When you are zipping down the road in your car, do you ever think of how technologically advanced it is? Today's cars have microprocessors that are highly sophisticated yet practical. These microprocessors assist with safety features, advanced diagnostics, and engine controls. Additionally, they make your car easier to diagnose and service. Here are four benefits of the microprocessors in your car.

Provides Safety Features in Your Car

The airbags and anti-lock brakes systems in your car are safety features that you rely on. These safety features contain microprocessors that operate them. Additional safety features such as stability control and traction control systems are also controlled by microprocessors in your car. Microprocessors are not just smart technological advances in cars — they assure the safety of you and your passengers.

Removes Pollution from Your Car's Exhaust

Today's emission laws require that the catalytic converter in your car removes pollution from its exhaust. The microprocessors in your car's engine allow it to do this job. For example, the engine control unit in your car is a powerful computer. It collects data from many sensors in your car to make sure that your car's engine produces low emissions while getting good mileage.

Assists Car Technicians with Diagnosing Problems

If your car is having problems, your first stop is probably to the auto repair shop. When you go there, your auto technician will need to diagnose exactly what is wrong with your car. The communication bus microprocessor in your car relays any car problems to its central module. This central module stores all of your car's problems. When your technician studies your car, this central module relays these car problems to his or her diagnostic tool.

Simplifies the Wiring in Your Car

Car manufacturers use multiplexing to simplify the wiring system in your car. With all of the advanced computer technology in cars today, there should be a plethora of wires running through your car. This is not the case since the car manufacture multiplexes the wires. Multiplexing uses a microprocessor that consolidates the inputs and outputs in your car. For example, if your car has power seats, power windows, power locks, and a power mirror, all of the inputs and outputs for these features will be consolidated by a microprocessor in your car.

As you can see from the preceding four benefits, microprocessors are making the cars of today more sophisticated. They assist with the safety and car diagnostic features in your car. Speak to an auto service shop, such as Affordable Automotive Service Center, if you would like to find out additional ways that microprocessors help power your car.