Want to do an oil change on your own? Take a look at this list to understand how professional shops accomplish these kinds of vehicle service in the most efficient ways.

When it comes to changing the oil on a vehicle, there are a number of ways to tackle this relatively straightforward process. It's not that an oil change is mechanically complex -- but it is somewhat of a challenge logistically. Here are some of the crucial items that help vehicle owners and professional mechanic shops do quick and easy oil changes.

A Heavy Jack

One of the big differences between a quick and easy oil change and a toiling, frustrating process is a good jack.

Too many vehicle owners make the mistake of using the simple automotive jack that ships with the vehicle from the factory. These emergency jacks are really meant for roadside tire changes, and not much else.

One of the biggest issues with jacks is safety. To minimize the chances of a terrible accident, it's crucial to protect whoever is loosening bolts on the oil pan or otherwise going under the vehicle from a situation where the vehicle could fall off of the jack. Small, simple factory jacks can easily fail, and take time and effort to implement. By contrast, the large floor rolling jacks that professional shops use provide comprehensive safety, and can lift up one side of a vehicle in only 5 to 10 seconds.

Another issue with the jack is to make sure that it doesn't impact the asphalt area underneath the car. Using smaller jacks can mean that the impact make an imprint in the pavement, especially if it was recently installed or retopped.

Drain Pan

Another terrible way to do a oil change is to use a small rubber tray or drain pan. Oil can easily escape the small containers and cause a big mess.

Professional shops and good oil changers use large heavy duty oil containers that will quickly and efficiently trap all of the used vehicle oil, where it can be sent to a facility for recycling.

Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter pliers or torque wrench is another tool that shops to do an oil change well. It's a specialty wrench that helps get the oil filter in place in just the right way to promote good vehicle maintenance.

Even a small misalignment in an oil filter can cause the vehicle to leak oil in operation. It's also important not to turn the oil filter too tight, as it can strip the seal and cause other problems. That's why having a specialized flow filter wrench make such a difference in how you're able to change the oil on a vehicle.

Get these vital tools to make an oil change safer and easier. Should you need help along the way, consult the services of places like Fleet Services.