If you're thinking about selling your car to your local junk yard, there are some things you should do to get your car ready. Not only should you make sure the car is in the best condition possible, you should clean your car and remove certain personal items from it. Following are three things you should remove from your vehicle before scrapping it.

Personal Belongings and Trash

Before taking your car to the junk yard, be sure to clean out all your personal belongings, such as clothing, sunglasses, CDs, tools, jumper cables, etc. If it's not affixed to the car itself, take it out. You should also thoroughly clean the car since trash and debris interfere with the scrapping process. If the scrap yard has to clean up your mess, they will likely factor that into the price they offer you. All in all, you should prep your car like you were selling it to a potential buyer - which you are - who you want to impress. 

License Plate and Paperwork

Be sure to check your glove compartment and other storage compartments for personal papers, such as insurance cards, your car title, car registration, banking receipts or anything else that has your personal information on it. You should also remove your license plates. These are registered to you and you only. While you can transfer them to another vehicle of your choosing, the junk yard can't do anything with them. So, you will be wasting the money spent on the plates or renewal sticker by leaving your plates on the car.

Stereo System and Upgrades

If your car is going for scrap, it doesn't need fancy upgrades and extras. If you put in an after-factory stereo system and some speakers, you can remove them and put them in your new car or sell them to someone who can use them. In the scrap process, parts will be stripped from your car and sold to other people. What they yard can't sell, will be crushed and sold for scrap metal. You should also look for any other electronics that you might have left behind, such as a GPS system. 

There are several things you should do to get your car ready for the scrap yard. If you have any questions about what you should or shouldn't remove from your car before you scrap it, call your local junk yard. Many will not purchase cars if certain mechanical components are missing. For example, it's illegal in many states to sell or transfer a car that doesn't have a catalytic converter. So, it's a good idea to always check first.  (for more information, contact A-All Around 1 Towing & Recovery)