Whether it is on a major highway or in the middle of nowhere, having your car break down is a real pain in the neck. However, it is very important to stay calm and take the necessary steps to fix your situation. If you panic, you will just make the situation a lot worse. Here are four things you should do after your car breaks down.

Get Your Car Off the Road

If your vehicle has not stopped working entirely, you should try to move it to the side of the road right away. If you get your car out of the traffic's way, it will be less likely to get hit by other vehicles. However, if your car can't function at all, just stay inside it. Attempting to move your car manually can be very dangerous, especially on a busy highway.

Let Other Drivers Know That You Are Stranded

One of the first things you should do is let the other drivers know that you are stranded. For example, you could put your hazard lights on or pop the hood of your car. Another thing you can do is roll down the window and hang a piece of paper out of it. This will alert other drivers that you are having car trouble. If you have road flares, you should put them several feet behind your car. Just be very careful when you get out of your car and watch out for oncoming vehicles.

Do not Attempt to Fix Your Car

Even if you know a thing or two about auto repair, you should not attempt to fix your car. Trying to fix a flat tire or dead battery can be dangerous when you are on a busy road. It is much safer just to wait until help arrives.

Call a Towing Company

It is a wise idea to call a towing company as soon as possible. Some companies have 24 hr towing and can come to you in a timely fashion. Whether you want your car towed to your house or auto repair shop, a towing company can help you out in a sticky situation.

Dealing with a broken down car is no picnic, but you do not have to let it completely ruin your day. If you follow these helpful tips, you can safely get your vehicle off the road and go about your day like normal.