If you are looking for valuable services for drivers in general, there is no doubt that one of the first things that will come to mind is a tow truck company like Big Valley Towing. Even as valuable as these trucks are to drivers, it does not change the fact that sharing the road with them can bring about a few extra concerns for drivers. As a safe driver, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know what to do when you find yourself on the highway with various types of vehicles, especially tow trucks.

Avoid Following a Tow Truck Too Closely

When a tow truck is in the process of pulling a vehicle, it is imperative that you maintain a safe driving distance at all times. Visibility behind the truck is reduced and the driver may not always be able to see that there is another car behind them. Further, the vehicle being towed can sometimes shift unexpectedly, which could cause a safety threat to you if you are following too closely. It is best to keep a couple of car lengths between you and the rear end of the vehicle that is being towed.

Allow Significant Space for Passing

Anytime that you are following a tow truck with a vehicle in tow, the tow truck will likely be travelling at a reduced speed, and you may not want to stay behind. However, passing a tow truck should only be done with extreme attention to safety. Remember, tow trucks can take longer to slow down at a high rate of speed and will rarely slow down when they see another vehicle trying to pass. Make sure you have plenty of roadway ahead without oncoming traffic before you try to pass. If you are passing on a tight roadway, make sure you will have significant space to get around the truck safely without worry of the towed vehicle shifting.

Expect a Wider Turning Radius

It can be intimidating when you see a larger vehicle making a turn, because it takes a wider space for them to make the change in direction. If you are in oncoming traffic at a stop and a tow truck is turning, back up your vehicle (if at all possible) a bit to allow the driver more room to move.

By being a mindful driver, it is easy to stay safe in spite of the fact that you are sharing the road with tow trucks in service. Be sure to keep this guide of safe practices in mind to help both you and the tow truck driver.