You've bought your first sea-worthy fishing boat and you want to hit the water for your first catch. Before you head out to open waters, you should familiarize yourself with some safety precautions, especially if you've never navigated on the ocean before. Here are a few tips to keep you safe during your fishing trip.

Know the Sound Signals

Boats use specific sound signals to communicate with each other. Those sound signals are used to send messages, such as in emergency situations. For instance, during periods of dense fog, you'll need to let other boats know that you're there. Before you set sail for the first time, it's important that you learn all of the various sound signals and when they should be used.

Memorize Safety Signs and Markers

Like roadways, waterways use signs and markers to notify sailors about dangers that might be present. Warning signs are often attached to buoys in the ocean. If you're not familiar with the signs and markers, you may enter into an area that will place you in danger. Manuals are available that will explain each sign and marker that you might come in contact with.

Use Multiple Navigational Tools

When heading out into open waters for a day of fishing, it's a good idea to use more than one navigational tool. This will ensure that you have working navigation in all types of circumstances. Regular radar works well under most situations, but it may not operate properly during extreme weather conditions.

Learn the Proper Use of Nautical Maps

Your new boat may come with the best navigational tools available. However, you should still learn the proper use of nautical maps. Your nautical maps will chart ocean depths, land masses, and dangers that you will need to be aware of. Before you take off on your first fishing trip, be sure you know how to read your nautical maps.

Keep an Additional Anchor on Hand

Your anchor is the only way to keep your boat in one place. While one anchor may work well during normal weather conditions, it may not keep you safe during a storm. A second anchor will provide you with adequate protection if you need to dock during foul weather.

You've waited a long time to buy your first fishing boat from somewhere like LSK Marine. Don't take chances with your safety. These tips will help you properly prepare for your first big fishing trip.