The power window mechanism in your car allows your windows to go up and down with the push of a button. If it is no longer working properly, it might be time to repair it or replace it. Here are some tips to get that done.

Remove the Door Panel

Before you start replacing the power window mechanism, also called a regulator, you need to remove the door panel. This will help you access the mechanism that needs to be replaced. You will need to remove several screws to get the inside of the door panel off. Keep in mind you are only removing the inside panel, not the entire door. Start by unscrewing the door lock component, then looking around the panel for any other screws. Depending on the type of car you have, you might have several different areas that need to be unscrewed to pull off the panel.

Find the Regulator

Now that the door panel is removed, you can find the power window regulator. To do that, you first need to peel off the moisture barrier, which is located on the inside of the door. Set that aside and look for the regulator. It will probably be secured with two bolts and will be just behind where the automatic window and lock controls were located. If you can't get to the bolts, you may need to first manually lower the window. Once you find it, remove the bolts and disconnect the wiring. Make sure you pay close attention to how these wires are connected for when you re-attach it.

Attach the New Regulator

Now that you have successfully removed the old regulator mechanism, you can install the new one. Start by attaching the wires according to how they were detached. If the wires are color-coded, that should make it go more smoothly. Your new regulator might have also come with a diagram to show how it should be wired into the door. Once the wires are connected, push the regulator in and attach the bolts. You can now reinstall the moisture barrier and put the panel back on the door. You may need an extra set of hands to get all the screws and bolts in place so the door panel is secure.

When the door panel has been attached, turn the key on in the ignition and test the window. If it is still not working, it is time to call a mechanic from a company like G P Automotive.