Despite the fact that most people only invest in a motorhome for vacationing purposes, motorhomes still share a few similarities with regular houses. These similarities are probably something you never considered before, unless you regularly ponder the possibilities of mobile living versus stationary living. Here is a closer look at how motorhomes are more like regular homes than you might have thought.  

You Start out Small

Whether you are looking at motorhomes for sale or regular homes for sale, you almost always look at smaller homes or "starter" homes first. The idea is to have something to call your own now and get something better once you have become more successful. In the case of a motorhome, this may look like a pick-up truck pop-up or small cabin that fits into the truck bed.

You Trade Up for Bigger and Better

As you became wealthier and/or more successful in your career, you probably did what most people do with their houses and cars. You traded up. You got more room, more square footage and more features in both your cars and your house. In a motorhome this equates to a tow-behind or pull-behind home that is much bigger, roomier and has more to offer than just a sleeping deck and table at which to sit and eat. The pull-behind motor home often has an actual kitchen area, food storage, small refrigerator, "master" bedroom and partial or complete bathroom versus the sleeping area and table of the truck bed pop-up home.

You Buy the Estate, Mansion, Castle, Etc

If you are very fortunate in life, or if your retirement investments pay off quite well, you will trade up again for the larger estate, mansion or even an American castle. Cars and boats get bigger and better too. Now, instead of the little cabin on the back of your pick-up truck you can afford te luxury motorhome with the built-in driver cab and flat screen TV in the back and the full size bath and complete kitchen.

Maybe by this point, you realize that your mobile home purchases have mirrored your regular home purchases and you do not really need both. (This is especially true if you are an "empty nester" and your children are all grown with families of their own.) In that case, you can make the final leap, sell the regular estate, buy the biggest and best motorhome you can find, and travel the rest of your days.